Thursday, June 21, 2012

Nostalgiaphiles: Winter & Spring 2006

The winter that it "snowed" in Santa Cruz. And that was about it. I guess I also went snowboarding a few poorly-documented times (there are more photos somewhere..) 


And then there was Spring 2006. We did a multi-location photo shoot for Sheena's upcoming album. I think they used a shot. I've never really been all that great with collaborative photography, but it was fun. Photo credits to Bjorg for a lot of the digital shots out by the train tracks.

At some point I acquired a Holga. Funny to think that from that first roll until about a few months ago, I always shot everything on "Bulb". (Maybe that's why I've never fully been a believer) Everything overexposed, blurry, and well, here's a set from the top of the ferris-wheel:  

And then there were these shows--I don't think this film has ever seen the light of day. 

To get a closer look & see the both sets, visit my fickr here: Winter 2006 | Spring 2006If you see yourself and want me to send you a copy, hit me up! To conserve space, what you see here (for the most part) and on flickr are just contact sheetsI also have the actual individual photos offline.