Monday, October 8, 2012

chasing desert romance, running from the fog

My creativity has been completely m.i.a. lately, so it was refreshing to come back from Joshua Tree with a few images I actually like. We were attempting to take a few simple engagement shots, something to use on a save the date, and between fighting the exhaustion of hangover mixed with an entire day of driving & the mosquitos attacking (wtf are mosquitos doing in the desert!!) it was no small feat.

Of course my favorites are these awkward in-between shots where we're framing up & testing light.

This trip to Joshua Tree was supposed to be a vacation. Well, half vacation, half wedding planning, and a pinch of getting a photo done for our save the date. I also wanted to make a sweet little desert video. Well, we accomplished the wedding planning part. And maybe got one photo we can agree on for a save the date. But it was no vacation. It was hours in the car, and a glimpse into what's going to be our desert party. Sort of frightening to think that a day you spend years planning, looking forward to, and all the $$$$$ you can scrounge up is in 24 hrs there and gone.

This has been the most exhausting few months I've ever been through. We've officially left our foggy little Inner Richmond apartment. I'll miss San Francisco for more than a few reasons, but I wouldn't trade anything for what we now have--privacy, a yard, our own house, sunshine. We are no longer renting--but we bought this house against all odds. And I mean all odds. I am not sure what we were expecting--two 20 somethings with limited credit history and mediocre incomes trying to qualify for a half-a-million dollar loan. Throw in fatal mistakes like submitting an inaccurate 2010 tax return (immediately flagged for fraud!) and getting into a contract with a seller who needed the money so bad she threatened to sue. Luckily we were paired up with an amazing team that fought it out for us behind the scenes, and now a month later we are slowly unpacking our things in confidence that we wont have to put them back into boxes.

There is more, but this is all I have the energy to tackle at the moment.

Well this is my first effort to no longer be m.i.a.. Wish me luck!