Monday, July 7, 2014

Vision 7: Everything is Mundane, until you see the 100 ft wall of water

Back in the summer of 2011 I took a trip to the East Coast to visit with my dear friend Ivan. We will both admit that some parts of this trip were challenging--traveling with someone for the first time, unexpected conflicts can come up. New York is hot and sticky and agitating. There were parts of the trip that were just plain old long. I think we both emerged much closer friends, but the feeling I have when I look at these pictures illuminates it--everything is mundane until you see that waterfall. 
Our last few days we were both exhausted--our trip took us from New York to Conneticut to Rhode Island, then back to New York, to Toronto, and ended in Niagara Falls, NY. On the last day Ivan found out that his cat was really sick. There was really nothing he could do, but it was hard to know and be so helpless. We decided to go to see Niagara falls. It both hit us right where it needed to, like an incredible force of change. 

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