31 Visions

As a photographer I feel like I always have one foot in the present and one foot buried deep in the past. I collect moments. Instances. And a lot of times they just sit there. I don't share a whole lot of personal work out-right. It makes me uncomfortable; the internet is overwhelming, and let's face it, everyone these days is some sort of photographer. And most days I'm not sure I'm much better than anyone else, but I guess that's not the point.

I currently have close to 4 TB of images on my hard drives. My archive dates back to 2005, almost 10 years of photos. I have been shuffling through all this work these last few weeks, trying to clear things out, trying to simplify. And rather than just continuing the cycle of shooting and editing and archiving, I am going to start an experiment of putting myself out there. So here we go--the working title for this is "31 Visions".

In preparation for my trip North and vision quest in August, each day I will attempt to have a vision. Knowing full well that this project will likely change as I go, my intention for now is to use old work as a spring board for a new way of seeing. Each day I will post a piece or series on here and then set out to take 1 image that tackles the feeling of that old piece. Maybe this is a retrospective project, pure nostalgia, or maybe it's a rediscovery project. I really don't know, but I am putting it out there. And when I say 1 image, that's what I mean. Just 1. At the end of the month I will develop and scan and see what happened. I'll let you know how it goes.


Vision 1
Vision 2

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