Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Vision 8: What you see is not what you see.

A lot of times things turn out differently than what's expected.
There were a few rolls in 2011 that I shot on the Bronica to later find out the eye piece was messed up, and everything was out of focus. It was by far not my first time dealing with unexpected results from a roll of film, but it was definitely not what I saw when I originally took the images.
There's something there though. And that's actually what I love about film--there's that gap in time between shooting and developing, you don't get to see anything for a while. A lot of times that works against me--I build up a hype in my mind about some of the shots will be, and then I see them, and come back down.
It's been 3 years since I got the following images back, and at first I was pissed. But that portrait, last in this sequence, wouldn't have happened had it not been for my broken eye piece.

Joshua Tree, CA, Summer 2011

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